Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Boy Don't Cry

People always said big boy don’t cry, but for me I can’t strong enough stand with this kind of words. Every human have their feeling right? Same goes to me, somehow there may have some kind of feeling of missing someone, mainly for those we are love so much.
To be truth, when I heard this song eventually I will remember my family especially my beloved MOM…
Mom I miss you so much. I just can do this out of calling you…I’m dedicating this song for you
People always say
I have a laugh like my mother does
Guess that makes sense
She taught me how to smile when things get rough
I’ve got her spirit, she’s always got my back
When I look at her I think I want to be just like that
When I love I give it all I’ve got
Like my mother does

She’s a rock, she is grace
She’s an angel, she’s my heart and soul
She does it all
When I love, I give it all I’ve got
Like my mother does

When I’m weak and unpretty
I know I’m beautiful and strong
Because I see myself
Like my mother does
Lauren Alaina – Like My Mother Does Lyrics

Sincerely, when we’re far away from someone we love, we will miss them so much. In case of this situation I decided to dedicate this song to my mom as long as she know that, she’s always be in my heart, no other woman can replace her even I will marry soon, no one can replace her. Actually the purpose I am creating this post today just want to make my heart feel better. Being far away from love one make you more suffer right? But nowadays we have technologies. There is no doubt anymore technologies make us experience a better life. Otherwise technologies create us closer with the love ones.

MOM I LOVE YOU-Husnul Hadi

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